Intro Tour Plugin for Osclass

Intro Tour Plugin for Osclass

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Product Description

Plugin Name: Intro Tour Plugin
Version : 1.1.1
Author: Rackons
Short Name: intro_tour

Description :

Intro Tour Plugin will guide sellers for Step-by-step introduction about post creative ads.

Why Using Intro Tour Plugin?

- When new seller visit your website you should demonstrate your site features using a step-by-step guide. Even when you develop and add a new feature to your product, you should be able to represent them to your users using a user-friendly solution. Intro Tour Plugin is developed to enable web and mobile developers to create a step-by-step introduction easily. Through this plugins, sellers can post creative and unique ads and ads will search quickly on top.- Compatible with all Osclass Version and themes but you need some instructions. When you will integrate this plugin on your site then please contact us then our live chat team will guide you even they can integrate on your site.

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