Food Order Delivery iOS App

Food Order Delivery iOS App

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Product Description

Restaurant food & drink ordering iOS app is completed app in native source code for iOS platform that help you build ordering app for your restaurant. The food restaurant can be Pizza, Hot dog, Sandwich, Hamburger, Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc. This app enables buyers to find and order food/drink easily. Buyers pay in app via PayPal payment gateway and can track status of each order. 


App Features

  • Search and select menus (food)
  • Menus are grouped into categories
  • Add to cart
  • Support menu variants (allow buyer select multi options for each menu by category)
  • Adding notes to each menu
  • Send orders to backend
  • 3 payment methods: paypal, bank deposit and cash on delivery
  • Map integrated for direction
  • Contact the restaurant
  • 4 roles: buyer, chef, delivery and admin
    • Buyer can login, register and view order history
    • Chef can update status of an order from New to In process and Ready
    • Delivery can update status of Ready to Deliveried
    • Admin can view dashboards which are number of orders by day, week, month and year
  • Push notification of order status for buyers, chef, delivery and admin

Backend Features

  • Manage food & drink, categories, menu options and all orders at web-based backend

Note :

1) As per July 11. Google has changed their plans. So you need to add billing information for google maps project. to continue using Maps related API. You can refer new pricing here :

2) For any custom changes or any other payment integration, users need to pay extra as per requirement.

3) Source code will not distribute.

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